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    主演:Brigitte Kingsley 杰克博·布莱尔  


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    There are two Earths. Our Earth is a place where magic and Demons are things of folklore and legend. Dark Earth, is a dimension created in the high middle ages to separate us from Demons and other creatures, ushering in a new age. Man was left in peace, safe for the most part from the demon onslaught. A mythical object known as the Tether remains hidden on this Earth. This object is the key to keeping both Earths apart and allows for a large passageway between both worlds when activated. The Tether had been lost for centuries. During a routine shift at Clean El Mines, Nathan Mallstrom, a local miner, finds himself in the middle of an ancient battle between the Earths when he stumbles onto the Tether during one of his shifts and the object transfers its power to him. Summer Vale joins and guides him as a war for the fate of both worlds rages on with Nathan directly in the eye of the storm.- Written by Black Walk Productions



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